Welcome to We Are Still Hungry. We are Paula D. Atkinson and Amy S. Bridges and middle initials are our jam.

We started our podcast in January 2016 one night when we were fired up about multiple injustices and decided we needed a platform from which to talk and laugh and share. We really got going six months later, and trust us on this one — we’re just getting started.

We’re two 40-something-year-old white ladies who feel very passionately about feminism, fat-positivity (or body neutrality),  social justice, and speaking our truths. We are open-hearted, open-minded, and realize that we’re not always going to get it right. But we’re trying, and we’d like you to join our conversation.

Our pal Nnaemeka produces and edits our podcast. He’s an amazing graphic designer and artist who also designed our superhero logo.

In addition to our websites, pauladatkinson.com and amysbridges.com,
find us on Twitter & Insta:


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  2. Hi my therapist gave me this information to check you ladies out. I was telling her how unacceptable it is when I feel shamed due to my weight. Thank you!


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