Episode 46: P. Diddy Limp Dick Hair Product



Welcome to Episode 46: It starts heavy and gets gets funny. We discuss guns for a bit. It should be so easy and yet people still keep getting murdered at country music concerts so we don’t get it. We adjust pretty quickly and move along to the Makeup Minute.  Maybe Amy recommends Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist. Maybe she doesn’t.

We discuss Hugh Hefner’s death. Gross. But also we discuss Cam Newton & the word “female”.

The Fatphobic Disaster: Backlash for UK clothing brand Next. People say they’re promoting obesity. Eyeroll. You cannot promote obesity by creating clothes, circumstances and situations in which people in big bodies are more capable of loving themselves, enjoying themselves and taking care of themselves. Also, leave Kanye alone — he’s getting help.

We recommend (we think?) the movie Mother!, Dumb Gay Politics podcast and 4:44 by Jay Z.