Episode 16: Getting Esoteric

“Maybe this will make sense when we play it back?” – Amy

The answer was no. It still didn’t make sense.

Welcome to Episode 16!

Here’s Kid Cudi’s statement about depression:

“My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it,” the rapper wrote on Facebook. “I can’t make new friends because of it. I [don’t] trust anyone because of it and [I’m] tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace. I deserve to be happy and smiling.”


Here are our texts from the Brazilian Steakhouse:


SIXTY SEVEN PERCENT. Sixty. Seven. Percent. The Invisible Majority.

67% of American women are plus size, and yet they make up less than 2% of the images we see.

Please go here and read about this amazing step forward.

Refinery 29 says:

Beginning today, we are breaking the plus-size woman out of the niche and into the mainstream. During the launch week, 67% of the bodies you see on our site, in our newsletter, and on our Instagram and Snapchat channels will be plus-size. To do this, we’ve made significant changes within Refinery29 to fully represent the 67% this week, and beyond. For the last six months, we’ve been shooting stock photography and redesigning illustrations to more accurately reflect the women who make up the majority of our country. And we’re partnering with Getty Images to make this collection available to other outlets that wish to join us in closing the representation gap.
Making this change, even on one website, wasn’t easy. Not only have we faced practical challenges, but we’ve had to reckon with deeper issues of bias and prejudice along the way. Effecting real and lasting change on a grand scale will require collaboration with more websites, media outlets, and, of course, you. As an audience, your power is significant and undeniable, and we can’t go anywhere if you’re not along for the ride. So if this is the kind of change you’d like to see, start by looking at the images before you. The first step is simple: See the 67%. The next steps, we’ll take together. Who’s with us?
The fatphobic disaster of the week is DONALD FUCKING TRUMP who has a long history of misogyny, racism, homophobia and all-around-douchery.
By now we all know the stories of Alicia Machado and the Access Hollywood/Billy Bush situations.
Donald Trump is bad for America and needs to get out of my fucking face.
We mourn the loss of Alfred Olango. This is complicated and sad; the videos show the officer fired four times at close range almost immediately after Alfred Olango, 38, suddenly raised both hands to chest level and took what was described as a shooting stance.
Kim Kardashian is a fucking human being, and people were AWFUL when she was robbed at gunpoint.
We have thrown plenty of shade on the whole Kardashian clan, but she doesn’t deserve to be held at gunpoint. And the victim blaming that is happening? We’re not okay with it.
This is chow chow, and this was the robber asked my mom for help finding when her wallet was stolen.
chow chow.png
Amy has two recommendations! Go see these movies. And when you’re not doing that, please listen to Solange’s new album.

Episode 15: #HashtagSadpants

Brad and Angelina broke up! We’re sad. Divorce sucks and they have a lot of kids. We can only hope that this tragedy spurs him to start wearing deodorant.

Speaking of divorce, Paula read an article about Bethenny Frankel’s “Divorce from Hell”. We’re not down with her brand of Skinny Girl stuff, especially her new line of Skinny Girl LUNCHMEATS. Thanks for the laugh.


H&M, SMDH. We love them because they are embracing larger bodies and selling clothing in larger sizes! Also, our best friend (in our minds) Ashely Graham is the face of the entire seasonal spread and we love her so very much.

HOWEVER, they aren’t actually selling any of those clothes in the stores! It’s probably because fat people should stay home and order giant clothes off the Internet seeing as how it’s disgusting to watch fat people walk about normally in society.

We’re pissed because it seems like a lot of stores are jumping on the body positivity bandwagon for press without really offering larger women more options.

But not Lane Bryant! Look at this badass video!


The American Academy of Pediatrics have radically changed their recommendations on how pediatricians should treat children that are labeled as over weight or obese according to some ridiculous chart that is based on BMI which is complete bullshit. In 2007, the AAP actually recommended prescribing weight loss drugs, calorie-restrictive diets and weight loss surgery for children and teens. Horrific.

What they’ve realized, thank goddess, is that all this does is increase the odds that this child or teen will suffer from an eating disorder, be it overeating, under eating, or myriad of ways a person can suffer with food and weight obsession. Dieting is the #1 risk factor for both obesity and eating disorders! Duh!

So, thanks, AAP for recognizing that the less we obsess over a child’s weight, the less likely they are to be an adult obsessed with his/her weight.

Mental and physical health are the same thing! Dieting causes eating disorders!

Never in the history of mankind has positive change come from shame.


This week two African American men were murdered by police.

The first was Keith Scott. He was waiting for his son at the bus stop, and sat in his car reading a book.

We compare the murders of black men by police to the murder of Emmitt Till who was lynched for being black. His original casket is on display at the National Museum of African Amercian History and Culture. Check out a really interesting feature WaPo did.

The second was a “bad guy” Terrence Crutcher. His murderer is Betty Shelby, who was a police officer and has been arrested for first-degree manslaughter. These police officers are supposed to protect us.

Amy was particularly upset about the lack of attention to him after he was shot. Turns out police officers are not supposed to let people die in the street, even if you shot him.

The coverage of these events has been super dumb. The Washington Post refer to the police officer and the victim as “African-Amercian” and “black” respectively and we think that’s pretty fucked up.


Gabrielle Union talked about women who are successful because of white privilege and she took down Lena Dunham, Kate Upton and Amy Schumer.


GIGI HADID! You’re so badass. She was literally attacked by a crazy person and hit him in self-defense, yet the press said she “lashed out”.



Amy lost her shit over this dude in the commercial for something with a buttery flaky crust.

Paula recommends Frank Ocean’s album Blonde.

Paula’s religion is All The Teachings of RuPaul Mixed with Trader Joe’s. Therefore she recommends the lavender salt scrub, which pleases Amy to no end because Paula is adorable.


Episode 13 & 14: Women power through


A note about Episode 13: It had a weird echo that we can’t get rid of. We’d love for you to listen to it, but if the echo bugs you, we get it. We’re not here to tell you how to live your life.

But we talk about being tough broads: how our friend J has had surgery on her foot 4 times and Amy has helped take care of her lately.

Amy doesn’t love birthdays. It’s not easy to be a single woman, “why are you still single??” everyone asks.

Paula MOVED! She’s in a fantastic gorgeous apartment near Adams Morgan, which is where the cool kids live. Her place has a sun porch, which is where she has been connecting with Mother God.

Y’all. As much as it pains us to admit because we LOVE Lady Gaga but we don’t love her new song “Perfect Illusion”.

Ugh. Corey Feldman performed on the goddamn TODAY SHOW. It made us both really really uncomfortable.  Corey had a difficult life. Both Coreys did, actually. Corey Haim is dead.

In Episode 13, Amy talked about her depression, and it’s worth talking about again in case you didn’t listen because of the goddamn echo. Amy has dysthymia punctuated with major depressive episodes. How’s THAT for a diagnosis?! Depression is a lying bastard and you should never suffer alone. We’re sure this topic will come up again, and Amy wants to make sure that everyone gets the help they need. If you’re hurting and can’t make sense of it, reach out to us.

Brene Brown would say that Amy had a vulnerability hangover. Paula reminds us that Brene says, “The only cure for anxiety is vulnerability.” -Brene Brown.


Turns out that being shamed for being fat is bad for your health. Sorry, your MENTAL health. Experiencing  weight stigma leads to more depression, anxiety and all around self-hate.

The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, suggest that any efforts aimed at easing these emotional burdens should not only focus on weight-loss in adolescents, but also address the disturbingly cruel and exclusionary behaviors of their peer group. These programs should also emphasize weight acceptance and body-shape diversity.

Read this article.

Feeling like shit because your body is large and you walk around being discriminated against is MORE HARMFUL than whatever perceived correlative ailment is caused by “fat”.


Sigh. Donald Trump put an end to the birther controversy. He blamed Hillary for it, and is now extremely self-congratulatory about it.

Read this New York Times article of the history of the horrible lie that Trump perpetuated.

If Amy ever meets the Obamas, she will do this:


Trump also went to an African American church and Reverend Faith Green Timmons was not having Trump’s grandstanding and she shut it down. It was a super-pastory way of saying SHUT UP.


Hillary got sick over the 9/11 weekend and people raked her over the coals and we are NOT having it. At. All.

The argument is that because Hillary is a political figure running for the office of the President, who will be in charge of our military forces, her physical health is our business.

The lack of transparency has lead people to question her. Why is this a feminist issue? WE’LL TELL YOU WHY:

  1. We are taught that women are liars. No one believes that Hillary didn’t feel well and got sick. It’s not deeper than that.
  2. This is what women do — we power through. Women are not allowed to take a sick day.



Watch this video of Jolene featuring Dolly Parton and Pentatonix singing Jolene!

Watch this video of Jesse Ventura defending Colin Kaepernick!

“Governments should not mandate patriotism. Governments earn patriotism.”

We hate this fake patriotism bullshit. Why is our patriotism so shallow?? America will not have hurt feelings over someone not standing up during the anthem.


Lastly, life is too fucking short to live miserably with depression or disordered eating. Please reach out to us. We will answer. You don’t have to live like that.

Take care of yourselves! We love you!