Episode 78: Ingrid, Your Body Doesn’t Look Like That

Hungry Babies! This week Amy talks about her crazy solo trip to Puerto Rico and all the changes she’s been going through. Like, whoa. We can’t get enough of Mary Halsey, Missy Elliot’s funky white sister. We also discuss Drake’s apparent teenage girlfriend, and we have mixed emotions.

The Dumb Shit White People Have Done This Week is stupid pricey cannabis products.

The Fatphobic Disaster is Revolves Sweatshirts. The Body Politics Win is Paloma Elsesser.

The FUS is the murder of Botham Jean in Dallas.

Our recommendations are Making it with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman and the book Hillbilly Elegy. OMG and Sharp Objects.

Episode 77: The Guy Who Runs the Congress!

Paula went to the Grand Tetons as did Ivanka, Jared and not Paul Manafort.Michael Jackson would have been 60 which is crazy and old and he died 8 or 9 years ago. Also dead is Aretha, which was the soundtrack of Amy’s childhood.

The FUS this week is the trainwreck Betty Shelby.

The fatphobic disaster is some dumb shit diet company Slimming World that tells us to ditch our fat friends. The Body Politics WIN is Old Navy who is finally putting big clothes in certain stores.

The WASH ladies recommend the HBO show Sharp Objects and Virgie Tovar’s book, “You Have the Right To Remain Fat”.