Episode 23: That’s What’s Up

In this episode, Paula and Amy discuss the upcoming Women’s March on Washington and the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump. Ugh.

The fucked up shit black people have had to deal with this week is the confirmation hearings of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions. Ugh.

The Fat-phobic disaster of the week goes to America’s Next Top Model and their lack of plus size models, even though our girlfriend Ashley Graham is on the judges’ panel.

We’re living for the Pretty Big Movement by Akira Armstrong, thus she gets our Body Positive Win of the Week.

Episode 22: Kirkland Brand Jorts

2017 needs our hunger.

Paula and Amy discuss the end of the holidays and Paula’s adventure in LA with all her favorite gays. Amy has been sick and this is her new normal. Paula had a really tough week as a therapist and wonders, “Is there any worse form of torture than believing everything your head tells you?”

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is everyone who is going on an New Year’s diet. As Paula so poetically says, “A smaller body will not give you anything that you cannot have already in this very moment.” We’re also super fired up about Oprah and her belief now that living in a small body is the best way to live your best life.


Our recommendations:

American Crime! Leah Remini’s Show! La La Land! Love is Love Comic!

Also, watch this:

Episode 21: The grief in our lungs

Our podcast can drink, y’all!

In this episode (recorded before the holidays), Paula and Amy discuss getting turnt at Amy’s 5th Annual Christmas Party. We also keep our eye on mental health awareness during the holiday season, although Paula’s mental health was very jingly as she spent another amazing weekend in NYC with Josh & Roger.

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is Chrissy Metz’s contractual weight loss. We understand completely what Chrissy’s going through.

The Body Positivity Win of the Week is BUZZFEED and their awesome Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Need we remind you how HAWT Tess Holiday is?

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, the FUSBPHHTDWTW happened when a Vicki Seeks in Alabama kicked out all the black ladies because someone robbed the store.

Our recommendations are First Aid Kid and Manchester by the Sea.

Stay Hungry, bitches!

Episode 20: The Womb of Desire

Oh heeeeyyyyyy! We’re still really hungry.

Paula and Amy have a post-election emotional check-in and then describe their tattoos.

The “Fucked Up Shit Black People Have Have To Deal With” features Amy’s raving review of Ava Duvernay’s documentary The 13th.

The Fatphobic Disaster of the week is Khloe Kardashian’s new show “Revenge Body”. Gross.

We don’t want to normalaize the trauma of Trump, and we wonder how to live in this new country/world.

Our recommendations are: Arrival starring Amy Adams, Search Party on TBS, and to take care of yourself during the holidays if you hate Christmas like Amy does.