Episode 76: Doing the Speed Bag on Her Hi Helens

This one’s super buttery.

Big Sean got mad at the EA Madden people b/c they edited Colin K’s name out of his song. Paula saw Beyonce & Jay Z and lost her goddamn mind. The Kardashians joke about anorexia and Paula lost her goddamn mind.

The fatphobic disaster this week is fat pets (LOLZ). The body politics win is that Lindy West’s Shrill is coming to television!

The FUS focuses on prison abolition — what does it mean, would it work, should we join the movement?

ou should check out Jameela Jamil’s “I Weigh” movement and the HBO doc about Robin Williams called “Come Inside My Mind”.

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Episode 75: Has Fatsuit Technology Not Improved?

This episode will have juices dripping down your chin. Sweet, sweet Demi overdosed and is taking self of herself in treatment. She’s a role model and we love her. Paula has thoughts and feelings about society’s reaction to JLo turning 49. Sasha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime show “This is America” is very disturbing but kinda funny.

The FUS this week is the documentary “The House I Live In”.

The Fatphobic Disaster is the Neflix Show, “Insatiable”. The Body Politics win is a list of 51 ways to make the world less hostile to fat bodies.

Recommendations this week: The movie “Eighth Grade” and Amanda Seales’s Podcast “Small Doses”.

Episode 74: Mark Zuckerberg is a Biological Woman

This week is fermented, but in a good way, like kombucha or beer. Paula went to her annual Fire Island vacay but did not freak out and go to a drag show by herself. Amy is moving to Paula’s neighborhood and it’s going to be super fun especially on snow days because of day drinking. Kyle Jenner is not a self-made millionaire. Amy apologizes for a few miscommunications from previous episodes. The Fatphobic Disaster is men’s fashion week, because that’s apparently a thing. The Fucked Up Shit this week is the death of Snoop Augustus. The girls’ recommendations are Nanette by Hannah Gadsby, Stroke of Genius eyeliner by Sugar, and Love Simon. STAY HUNGRY, LADIES & GENTS.


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