Episode 28: Take That, Suicidal Teens!


This week, Paula and Amy cover the Oscars and how racist they are. We talk about Caitlyn Jenner and her delusional ass thinking that Trump was going to do right by LGBTQ+ people. We have a makeup minute in which we recommend The Balm MadLash mascara, and Brazilian Bum Bum cream. The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is the dumbass doctor who told Whitney Way Thore she was a pig. GFY. Amy gave us an update about her depression, which is getting better. We recommend the Britney Spears biopic on Lifetime, and Manchester By The Sea.

Episode 27: Commitment to Kale

Episode 27

Beyonce was robbed of Album of the Year. Adele (the British Jennifer Lawrence) won instead of Lemonade and said, “What does Beyonce have to do to win Album of the Year?”

Antoine Heron “Break[s] Down Why Adele’s Speech Was Another Example of White Feminism“.

We have a make-up tangent in which we discuss Urban Decay’s De-Slick Make-up Setting Spray.


Please watch this documentary! It taught us a shit ton about the Great Migration and the 2nd Great Migration, the 3-strikes law, LAPD’s complicated history of violence against the black community.


Fat Positivity is to Body Positivity as Black Lives Matter is to All Lives Matter.

Lady Gaga was fat-shamed by garbage people because she had a teeny roll at the bottom of her belly.



This segment should be called “The Womb of Our Desire”.

HALF of the country thinks it should be a law for women to take their husbands’ name.

Read this bullshit.


We recommend you watch Project Runway Junior and (The) Lemonade if you haven’t already.

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