Episode 69: Lift Heavy Things for Jesus!

This episode, recorded May 30, is packed full of flavor and fun. With the help of Paula’s mom(who can be heard on the intro!) the Hungry Ladies tackle Roseanne, Pete & Ariana and Arrested Development.

In Fucked-Up Shit, Amy explains that someone called the cops on a black doctor for listening to music in her own home.

In the Feminst Forum, Amy gives a quick update on George Tyndall. In the Mental Health Minute, we learn what NOT to say to a depressed person.

The Fatphobic Disaster this week is a Crossfit gym in Alabama that participated in appearance-based shame.

This weeks recommendations are the novel An American Marriage and Shawn Mendes’s new cd.

Episode 68: Old Saggy Bitch Nurses

This episode, recorded May 19, is packed full of flavor. The WASH ladies saw “I Feel Pretty” and it’s just…UGH. Also, England has a POC Princess and the ceremony has a lot of cool African American shit in it. Well done, Meghan Markle.

The Fat-Phobic disaster comes from England where some ad in the tube says that being fat causes cancer. Oh yeah? PROVE IT. Turns out most studies are being funded by people who have an agenda. The Body Politics Win this week is DOGS!!!

The Feminist Forum features Dr. Tyndall and his culture of rape at USC.

Recommendations! Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves is sooo good. Also check out How To Human podcast. Lastly, go listen to the On Being w/ Krista Tippett episode that was filmed at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Global Forum.

Episode 67: Are You Going to Read a Meme?

Yeah, it’s been a while, but Yanni or Laurel? We’re still talking about it.

Amy has a story about a beauty product that makes her feel more vulnerable than when she talks about her depression! Paula apologizes for mixing up mixing up BeBe Rexa and Ariana Grande. A bunch of them are in a song called “Girls” that is OH-fensive because of the male gaze. In other news, Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!!!

EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR SPF ONE THOUSAND EVERY DAY. Amy has sebaceous glands that are aggressive.

Before we get into the Fucked Up Shit we discuss the hilarious BBQ Becky Internet memes about calling the police on black people. **Side note, calling the police on black people is an act of violence.

The FUS is that we all need to stop asking what happened “before” an incident of police violence is caught on tape. Amy explains what happens when police are called. (Also, she apologizes in advance for calling a woman’s breasts “titties”. Not appropriate. )

The Fat-Phobic Disaster is Kim K’s FUCKING lollipop. The body positivity win is Universal Standard. YAY.

Our recommendations are: Hilarious Humanitarian podcast and DietLand!

Episode 66: Why Do You Hate Fun, White Lady?

Oh heeeeeeyyyy. This week on the podcast, Amy talks about #metoo at the Cannes Film Festival and Paula breaks down some outstanding dumb celebrity names.

The Makeup Minute is ELF Droplet Balm and Samantha Ess Cleansing Conditioner. The Fat-phobic disaster is Dr. Fucking Oz.

Paula gives some AMAAAAAAZing advice on how to train your brain to love people of all sizes in the hot ass weather of summer.

The Fucked Up Shit is white people who call the cops on black people. Why are we doing this???

Our recommendations are Nice For What by Drake, Twice by Christina Aguilera, and the amazing hand lettering of Samantha Testa of Painted Palattes.