Episodes 30 and 31: Falling into Your Cracks 52 Times

Those of you who rely on the site to listen to the podcast are extremely vocal when you can’t get to your preshus new episodes. But sometimes life takes over and creating these blog posts when 99% of our listeners use a podcast subscription can be pushed to the back burner. So, our compromise is to combine episodes for this site.

Thus, I present to you, Episode 30: So Stuff Doesn’t Fall Into Your Cracks and 31: FIFTY TWO TIMES.

Thanks for listenin’, y’all! Stay hungry.

Episode 30

episode 31




Episode 29: A Pair of Mascara

This week, Paula and Amy discuss RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and sip on some gross Flip Flop fizzy wine beverage.


The Make-Up Minute brings us praise for Baby Lips Peach Kiss and Stila HUGE Extreme Lash mascara.

The Fucked Up Shit is that Muhammed Ali Jr keeps getting harassed by the goddamn TSA because of Trump’s travel ban.

We discuss Gabourey Sidibe’s decision to undergo bariatric surgery, which is medically induced starvation. It’s very complicated, so Paula breaks it down. Also, Bob Harper had a heart attack which proves that you cannot tell SHIT about anyone’s health by looking at them. Y’all, please remember this:

paula facebook

The recommendations this week are The Federalist Pig and Portlandia. Also, listen to RuPaul & Michelle Visage’s podcast What’s the Tee? And if you’re in DC and have the means, visit the Smithsonian’s Hirschorn Museum to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit.


Episode 28: Take That, Suicidal Teens!


This week, Paula and Amy cover the Oscars and how racist they are. We talk about Caitlyn Jenner and her delusional ass thinking that Trump was going to do right by LGBTQ+ people. We have a makeup minute in which we recommend The Balm MadLash mascara, and Brazilian Bum Bum cream. The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is the dumbass doctor who told Whitney Way Thore she was a pig. GFY. Amy gave us an update about her depression, which is getting better. We recommend the Britney Spears biopic on Lifetime, and Manchester By The Sea.

Episode 27: Commitment to Kale

Episode 27

Beyonce was robbed of Album of the Year. Adele (the British Jennifer Lawrence) won instead of Lemonade and said, “What does Beyonce have to do to win Album of the Year?”

Antoine Heron “Break[s] Down Why Adele’s Speech Was Another Example of White Feminism“.

We have a make-up tangent in which we discuss Urban Decay’s De-Slick Make-up Setting Spray.


Please watch this documentary! It taught us a shit ton about the Great Migration and the 2nd Great Migration, the 3-strikes law, LAPD’s complicated history of violence against the black community.


Fat Positivity is to Body Positivity as Black Lives Matter is to All Lives Matter.

Lady Gaga was fat-shamed by garbage people because she had a teeny roll at the bottom of her belly.



This segment should be called “The Womb of Our Desire”.

HALF of the country thinks it should be a law for women to take their husbands’ name.

Read this bullshit.


We recommend you watch Project Runway Junior and (The) Lemonade if you haven’t already.

We’re trying to come up with a way to send us questions…but in the meantime, tweet us @weRstillhungry.

Episode 26: NO ONE KNOWS!


Photo: @beyonce

This. Is. Happening! TWO BEBES FOR BEYONCE!!!


Paula keeps protesting!  We know we’re on the right side of history because we’re with the smart funny people.


Photo: @brightestyoungthings


Paula breaks the shocking news that telling kids that they are obese fills them with shame and then they gain weight, because DIETING CAUSES OBESITY AND EATING DISORDERS. Here, read this goddamn research report.

Paula goes on the most perfect rant about the psychology of fatness and thinness and PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS! This is a better rant than in Episode 8: It’s Not About You.

This bears repeating.

Paula goes on the most perfect rant about the psychology of fatness and thinness and PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!

Parents: Don’t make your child hate his body. Trust us, they’ll find a reason to hate themselves on their own.



Pound Not My President Donald Trump gave bullshit remarks at a breakfast for Black History Month. He sounds like a child whose English is his second language.

Here’s an excerpt:


For the record, not all African Americans live in the inner city, the inner city is not a terrible place, African American communities are, in fact, amazing places filled with great people and not a cause for Trump’s fake-ass concern, and Trump is real dumb and racist.

Mike Pence is also real dumb and racist. They should suck all the colors of the dicks.


How Taylor Swift Played the Victim and Made Her Entire Career by Ellie Woodward

It all began with Kanye running up on stage and saying, “Imma let you finish,” which was a crazy person move, but played into America’s fear of the Angry Black Man.

We’re on to you, Tay-Tay. The poor little white girl thing is real tired.


Teachers! Throwing Shade!

Watch Insecure with Issa Rae!


Episode 25: You work for me, bitch!

This week, Paula and Amy discuss the Inauguration of Donald Trump and the Women’s March on Washington.

Paula (a psychotherapist) is starting a Trump trauma support group to help people who are feeling unsafe, threatened and triggered by Trump.

Amy created a list of ways to stay clear during the Trump administration:

  • If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong (aka You don’t have to suffer to make a difference)
  • Turn off your TV & computer
  • Learn about EVERYTHING
  • Remind yourself WHY you’re trying to save the world

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week goes to the show “This is Us” featuring Chris Sullivan, the love interest of Chrissy Metz’s character, who wears a fat suit. Like, whaaaaaa?

The Body Positive win of the week is Jay, a model speaking out for men who love big women. Check him out and his vlog here.

Drew Barrymore disappointed Paula & Amy this week but they still love her tons.

The recommendations are Missy Elliot’s new AMAZING video (below) and the Netflix show “Black Mirror”.

Episode 23: That’s What’s Up

In this episode, Paula and Amy discuss the upcoming Women’s March on Washington and the Inauguration of President-Elect Trump. Ugh.

The fucked up shit black people have had to deal with this week is the confirmation hearings of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions. Ugh.

The Fat-phobic disaster of the week goes to America’s Next Top Model and their lack of plus size models, even though our girlfriend Ashley Graham is on the judges’ panel.

We’re living for the Pretty Big Movement by Akira Armstrong, thus she gets our Body Positive Win of the Week.

Episode 22: Kirkland Brand Jorts

2017 needs our hunger.

Paula and Amy discuss the end of the holidays and Paula’s adventure in LA with all her favorite gays. Amy has been sick and this is her new normal. Paula had a really tough week as a therapist and wonders, “Is there any worse form of torture than believing everything your head tells you?”

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is everyone who is going on an New Year’s diet. As Paula so poetically says, “A smaller body will not give you anything that you cannot have already in this very moment.” We’re also super fired up about Oprah and her belief now that living in a small body is the best way to live your best life.


Our recommendations:

American Crime! Leah Remini’s Show! La La Land! Love is Love Comic!

Also, watch this:

Episode 21: The grief in our lungs

Our podcast can drink, y’all!

In this episode (recorded before the holidays), Paula and Amy discuss getting turnt at Amy’s 5th Annual Christmas Party. We also keep our eye on mental health awareness during the holiday season, although Paula’s mental health was very jingly as she spent another amazing weekend in NYC with Josh & Roger.

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is Chrissy Metz’s contractual weight loss. We understand completely what Chrissy’s going through.

The Body Positivity Win of the Week is BUZZFEED and their awesome Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Need we remind you how HAWT Tess Holiday is?

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, the FUSBPHHTDWTW happened when a Vicki Seeks in Alabama kicked out all the black ladies because someone robbed the store.

Our recommendations are First Aid Kid and Manchester by the Sea.

Stay Hungry, bitches!