Episode 88: Where is the shitting bathroom?

Hungry babiezzz. Hi. Disclaimer: The Hungry Hosts talk about Kevin Hart and the Oscars debacle, but at the time they recorded, Amy didn’t know the full story. It’s since come out that Kevin did not apologize. We have a whole other discussion about this on Episode 89 which will make their feelings clear. Just ignore this part, k?

In the Chitty Chat, the girls talk about some dipshit frat guy who got fined $400 for raping a fellow student at Baylor. (Any idea what color this kid was?)

Paula got mansplained in the elevators about the Beatles and she was not here for it.

The FUS this week features Jazmine Headley and her arrest in NYC.

The Fatphobic Disaster is all these terrible holiday diet tips. Eat a bunch of fiber before a party! That’ll go well.

The Body Politics win is Vanderpump Rules’s Katie Maloney Schwartz! Get it, Katie.

Lastly, the ladies recommend She the People and Mariah Carey’s new album.

Episode 87: ​Yearly Runway Extravaganza Bullsh*t

This episode is bit outdated since it was recorded in December, but like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

The Hungry Women discuss the Grammy nominees, the stupid VS fashion show, and Amy comes clean about an injury involving tights.

The Dumb Shit White People Have Done This Week comes to us from Gwyneth Paltrow and her advanced knowledge of yoga. (Gross.)

The Fatphobic Disaster features USA Today and their incredibly fatphobic article and video about airplane comfort. The Body Politics Win is all the great teachers who are teaching body positivity.

The FUS/Feminist Forum celebrates that James Alex Fields was convicted of murder. Amy previews Surviving R Kelly (which is already out, so sorry for the old news). The Feminist Forum features a woman who was forced to give birth in handcuffs and shackles.

Our recommendations are: The Netflix movie Dumplin’. and the documentary God Knows Where I Am.

Episode 86: Thank You, Amalah

This week is a special episode featuring friend-of-the-podcast Amy Storch, aka Amalah.

As always, she’s refreshingly honest and funny discussing what it’s like to be “Internet” famous, how to raise 3 boys as feminists, and how her life is different since last June, when she almost died by suicide.