Episode 47: A Medium-Sized Bowl of Who Cares

Sorry it’s been a while, y’all!! Your hosts have been so busy. Like whoa. You’d think we’d have more to talk about than Taylor Swift, but no. We explore her new songs. Spoiler alert: we don’t like ’em.

We DO, however, like the announcement of the new Lion King reboot, featuring BEYONCE!

The Fatphobic Disaster is some dipshit who has been dating a beautiful fat partner but harbors a secret bigotry for said fat partner. Gross. The second Fatphobic Disaster is Wendy Williams. The Body Politics Win of the week is our actual IRL friend Natasha Rothwell.

During the Feminist Forum we discuss the terrible disgusting sex monsters that are running the entertainment industry. We name names, y’all.

Amy revisits the Puff Daddy Limp Dick hair product and then describes her new bullet journal love. Amy recommends “The Mayor” on ABC. Paula recommends Transparent and Broad City, which have been out a while but just go with it.

Stay hungry, bitches! We love you!