Episode 114: Do Nachos Cure Depression and Anxiety?


In the chit chat, we talk about Chet Hanks and how he is very much not Jamaican at all.

Tucked away in the corrections corner is Baghdad, which is in IRAQ not Iran, like Amy said in last episode.

Also in the corrections corner, a public apology from Amy: I called Matt, Patrick, and Jonathan the three bitchiest queens I know. Calling a queer man a queen supports the stereotype that queer men are effeminate, and girly, which comes with a whole host of terrible connotations: weak, emotional, etc. It’s not okay for me to toss it around casually, and I’m sorry. I firmly stand by calling them bitchy.

Speaking of people who need to apologize: disappointing celebrities talking about their diets.

The fatphobic disaster this week is Jillian Michaels, and all the media. All of it. The body politics win is Sam Smith!

The Fucked Up Shit this week is the racist treatment of Meghan Markle.

The make-up minute is Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and Thrive Eye List 360 primer.

Amy recommnds Don’t F*ck With Cats, and The Catch & Kill podcast. Paula recommends Mrs Fletcher.

Episode 113: How DO you get a boner with all that fat?

Heeeey friends and happy new year!!


We’re so happy to have you back in 2020. I hope you are enjoying season 2 as much as we are.

First off we talk about Raddix Madden and how that and other baby names are just awful.  Also, we’re so jazzed that Dwayne and Gabrielle are amazing parents to Zion. Amy is listening to the podcast “The Butterfly Effect” and learning a lot about porn.


In light of the impending war with Iran, Amy describes generational trauma on a personal level by telling the story of how being deployed to Vietnam during the war affected her father.


Paula describes the completely horribly gross disgusting fact that John Lithgow was given a fat suit for his role in Bombshell.

The Body Politics WIN is that Kumail Najilani lost a bunch of pounds for a movie, he was explicitly clear about how detrimental it was for his health and marriage.


Come From Away

The Two Popes

The Dream podcast

Harry Styles new album