Drag Race Recaps

We are still hungry FOR DRAG!

Welcome to a crazy idea from your drag-loving hosts. We’re separating our love of RuPaul’s Drag Race into mini-episodes where each week we’ll recap All Stars Season 3.

Although Paula and Amy both watched with complete and total satisfaction the crowning of Trixie Mattel as the All Stars 3 WINNER, BABY, there will be no formal recap. Ru, you know what you did.

EPISODE 7:  I have hurt feelings. 

EPISODE 6: She’s a thirsty pussy, isn’t she? 

EPISODE 5: Homosexual Carwash.

EPISODE 4: Patricia Arquette from the television show “The Medium”. 

EPISODE 3: Step your pussy down, Kennedy. 

EPISODE 2: It looks like corn kernels in her mouth. 

EPISODE 1: I’m really into voguing right now.