Episode 86: Thank You, Amalah

This week is a special episode featuring friend-of-the-podcast Amy Storch, aka Amalah.

As always, she’s refreshingly honest and funny discussing what it’s like to be “Internet” famous, how to raise 3 boys as feminists, and how her life is different since last June, when she almost died by suicide.

Episode 85: If I’m #17, Imma Need a Snack While I Wait

Hungry Bebes, welcome to the feast. This week, Paula and Amy really run the gamut of dumb to smart, which is pretty normal, I guess. Amy explains why she will never date Scott Disick, and the gals mourn the loss of Kim Porter. There’s a new segment on WASH called “Dumb Stuff Confessions” and oooh Paula’s is a doozy.

The Feminist Forum features the news of a sexual assault trial gone horribly wrong in Ireland, which resulted in Ireland setting itself on fire because of a lace-front thong.

Amy has the Fatphobic Disaster this week and it’s Teresa Guidice (and her effect on her four beautiful daughters). The Body Politics Win is an AWESOME tutorial on how to describe a fat person, and also some very wise words from Stefi Cohen.

The ladies recommend Robyn’s new album, Skin Wars (lol), and MJ’s wedding on Shahs of Sunset.

Episode 84: A Neat Tuck and a Cinched Hog Body

This episode is as sweet as holiday cookies. Did y’all know that Kim K is super #bopo (body positive) now? It’s because she put fatties on her perfume. Or put perfume on fatties? Regardless, fatphobia is over now, thanks to KKW. Paula talks about being heckled by old drunk women at Improv, and Amy laments being an old drunk woman. The Fatphobic Disaster this week is the dipshit in charge of Victoria’s Secret and their dumb fashion show. The F.U.S./Feminist Forum features white women and the election. Recommendations are: Haunting of Hill House, Schidt’s Creek and the movie Can You Ever Forgive Me? STAY HUNGRY!

Episode 81: She Looks Like a Hotdog

So the first ten or so minutes are just rambling, angry bullshit over Brett Kavanaugh. Our governing body is a manure fire of misogyny and pain. Senator Susan Collins is trash. Paula went to Drag Con.

The Fatphobic Disaster this week is WW, aka what Weight Watchers used to be. Spoiler alert: It’s the same shit.

The FUS is Bette Midler. Also, Jason Van Dyke? BUH BYE.

The Makeup Minute highlights Urban Decay and NYX glitter primer.

The Hungry Women wholeheartedly recommend Sam Johnson (YouTube Voice teacher) and Serial podcast.


Episode 80: Bi ‘Til You Die

Can y’all even believe we interviewed Erin Gibson last week? Craaaazy!

Also what’s crazy is that Paula facetimed with RuPaul on Emmy night. She couln’t stop sweating.

Bi-Visibility Day let us touch on some misconceptions about being bisexual.

Gayle King talked about eating a cheeseburger and we are over celebrities taking us along on their body idealism obsession.

The Feminist Forum features no jail time for some jackass Alaskan Predator and #whyididntreport.

The Fatphobic Disaster highlights Poppi Kramer. RIP. The Body POlitics Win (mostly) is the HuffPost article, “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong.”

Recommendations are: Forever, and Crazy RIch Asians.