Episode 51: Put Your Hand in the Basket

Happy New Year, y’all! We recorded this before a little holiday break, but guess what? None of this shit has been resolved.

Paula rakes a Canadian judge over the coals for implying that a “fat” woman should be happy to have been licked in the face and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver. Please watch the video of Beck Cooper reciting her poem “Rape Prevention Potluck.”

The Feminist Forum this week revisits all the men who were outed as terrible garbage people and sexual harassers. Amy recounts the time that she got in a twitter war with Matt Lauer. In case you forgot all the disgusting things Matt did, we went over it again. Amanda Duarte is amazing and says “Fire them all.” Please read Amber Tamblyn’s OpEd in the NYT “I’m Not Ready for the Redemption of Men.”

Paula recommends Americana. Amy recommends “Time: The Kalief Browder Story”. Paula says to download and use Appolition, which rounds up your purchases and goes to help people (of color) make bail. Paula also recommends Lady Bird. Amy recommends the episode of Death, Sex & Money podcast to hear Gabrielle Union speak the truth of life. Amy’s friend Matt recommends the entire Taylor Swift album, but Amy & Paula would like to be excluded from this narrative.


Episode 50: Kut Throat Kardashian

Episode FIFTY! And we like to KICK! This week we discuss boys who wear makeup and how gender is a social contract and none of it is real.

This week’s Stuff That is Making Us Angry This Week is the life of Cyntoia Brown who was convicted of killing a rapist that she was given to by her pimp named Kut Throat.

The Fatphobic Disaster is This Is Us (again goddamnit).

Paula gives us tips for diet & weight talk during the holidays. The Body Politics Win is Michelle Elman who is “Scarred not Scared”.

Our recommendations are Dragula and Search Party Season 2. Stay Hungry!!

Episodes 48 & 49: White Kids Blasting Blake Shelton

This one’s a spicy one! Paula talks about seeing Janet Jackson in concert and the fact that she knows 35 years worth of choreography. And to think that we can’t even remember what we said on last week’s episode…

Chi Chi DeVayne is keeping Amy afloat during the horrible, horrible holiday season. Justin & Selena are back together and their love is based on Jesus. The Fat-Phobic Disaster #1 is Giles Goren.

The Fat-Phobic Disaster #2 is a terrible card game called “HEY THERE FATTY”. The Body Politics WIN is our sweet (imaginary) best friend Aidy Bryant and ho Almw she stopped trying to be skinny and then got funnier!

The Fucked-Up Racial Shit is the murder of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn. Please watch the documentary “3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets”.

Paula’s recommendations are YQY Tour, all of Lindy West’s NYT articles, and Girls’ Trip.


We didn’t do a blog post for Episode 48: Belcalis Almanzar but please check it out here:

Episode 47: A Medium-Sized Bowl of Who Cares

Sorry it’s been a while, y’all!! Your hosts have been so busy. Like whoa. You’d think we’d have more to talk about than Taylor Swift, but no. We explore her new songs. Spoiler alert: we don’t like ’em.

We DO, however, like the announcement of the new Lion King reboot, featuring BEYONCE!

The Fatphobic Disaster is some dipshit who has been dating a beautiful fat partner but harbors a secret bigotry for said fat partner. Gross. The second Fatphobic Disaster is Wendy Williams. The Body Politics Win of the week is our actual IRL friend Natasha Rothwell.

During the Feminist Forum we discuss the terrible disgusting sex monsters that are running the entertainment industry. We name names, y’all.

Amy revisits the Puff Daddy Limp Dick hair product and then describes her new bullet journal love. Amy recommends “The Mayor” on ABC. Paula recommends Transparent and Broad City, which have been out a while but just go with it.

Stay hungry, bitches! We love you!

Episode 46: P. Diddy Limp Dick Hair Product



Welcome to Episode 46: It starts heavy and gets gets funny. We discuss guns for a bit. It should be so easy and yet people still keep getting murdered at country music concerts so we don’t get it. We adjust pretty quickly and move along to the Makeup Minute.  Maybe Amy recommends Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist. Maybe she doesn’t.

We discuss Hugh Hefner’s death. Gross. But also we discuss Cam Newton & the word “female”.

The Fatphobic Disaster: Backlash for UK clothing brand Next. People say they’re promoting obesity. Eyeroll. You cannot promote obesity by creating clothes, circumstances and situations in which people in big bodies are more capable of loving themselves, enjoying themselves and taking care of themselves. Also, leave Kanye alone — he’s getting help.

We recommend (we think?) the movie Mother!, Dumb Gay Politics podcast and 4:44 by Jay Z.

Episode 45: Suck the Fart Outta Mah Butt

Y’all. Paula and Amy went to DragCon. THEY MET RUPAUL. And Carson Kressly, who heard that this very podcast was funny! What?

The Makeup Minute is Le Metier De Beaute and L’Oreal stuff. The Fat-Phobic Disaster is the garbage trainer who tried to shame a beautiful woman into losing weight before her wedding.

The two Body Politics wins are the Canadian queen creating the goodfatcare.com website and oath, and REI who are featuring Mirna Valerio!

The Feminist Forum features our (actual IRL) friend Jamil Smith’s OpEd about Besty DeVos’s thoughts on campus sexual assault.

Our recommendations are the Gaga documentary, Hunger by Roxanne Gay, IT the movie and Ingrid Goes West!

Episode 44: A Mylar Balloon with Garfield on It

What an episode! Amy shares her experience visiting Charlottesville after Heather Heyer’s murder by Neo-Nazis. Weird is how she describes it.

Paula introduces a new segment called Dumb Shit White People Did This Week, for a little levity. And yes, we’re still unpacking our feelings about Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” in the Feminist Forum.

The Fucked Up Shit is L’oreal firing a black transgender model for telling the truth! The Fat-Phobic Disaster goes to the dumb ol’ principal in Charleston who fat-shamed her students.

The Fat-Phobic disaster is a new bariatric surgery involving balloons. The Makeup Minute features Amy’s brow challenge and Paula’s magnetic lashes! Lastly, the recommendations are The Sinner and Logan Lucky.

Episode 43: Can I at Least Dick Punch a Nazi?

Whoa, y’all. Paula and Amy are super fired up this week. First, Amy explains why the Nazis in Charlottesville at UVA hurt her feelings so deeply. It has to do with Thomas Jefferson and the community of trust. Then Paula chimes in to discuss how fat-phobic the Nazis are. Turns out Nazis are pretty much the most terrible people ever. Who knew? The body positive win of the week is Project Runway and the plus size models! Make up minute features Girl Meets Pearl and Functions of Beauty. Our recs are Patti Cake$ and Insecure.

Episodes 41 & 42: Rhodiola Bricks

On this Episode, Paula discusses her trip to Northern California. Amy stayed home and napped. The FUS is that black people aren’t supposed to go to Missouri. Also, Amy is struggling with the segment and her place as a white woman who wants to do the most good. The Fatphobic Disaster is alll of the stoops celebrity diets. Amy & Paula discuss the Netflix movie “To The Bone”. Amy’s rec is the podcast “Ear Hustle”. Paula recs The Big Sick. If you need a laugh, google “Nelly wanted to take a selfie”. And also Todrick’s “Get Out (of the closet)” is comedy gold.

This week, crazy dickless khaki-wearing Nazis took over Charlottesville and Amy and Paula were not okay about it. At the time of this recording, most of the violence had yet to occur so they will dive into this deeper on Episode 43. In the Makeup Minute, Amy touts Lorac’s TANtalizer and Paula loves E.L.F.’s eyeshadow primer. Amy & Paula aren’t mad at Paula, but they are very sad at her…for misleading the American public about how and why she uses Weight Watchers and that she’s come out with a line of pre-packaged food. In the Feminist Forum, we’re super jazzed about Taylor Swift’s testimony in her lawsuit. We highly recommend Kesha’s new album “Rainbow”, the movie “The Glass Castle”, and the television show “The Guest Book”. Paula has some thoughts on “Atomic Blonde”. Stay hungry, bitches!!


Episode 40: Dip It In Protein Powder


This week’s podcast is a doozy. Amy went to a wedding in Boston and Paula went to see drag queens (natch). Amy spend an inordinate amount of time discussing her dip powder manicure and then launches into the very very very weird happens at the compounds of R Kelly. Is he making sex slaves out of young women?

The Fatphobic Disaster of the week goes to Slate Magazine and their job posting for someone with a fast metabolism. The Body Positive Win is the news that the Biggest Loser might cancelled!!!!!

Another Fatphobic Disaster is Amy’s sweet, sweet Bravo whose RHOC’s storyline about Shannon Beador is her size. COME ON. Also, why does Kate Spade advertise clothes for fat women when they don’t actually sell clothes for fat women?Another BoPo win is our sweet Eureka O’Hara.

Paula unrecommends a show — Friends from College — and then highly recommends GLOW!!! Amy is reading a book called Every Last Lie, which is promising.