Episode 1

This was our very first episode that we recorded in January 2016 and then got busy. Not very much of this was relevant when we published it in June, but whatevs. For instance, Kocktails with Khloe has already been cancelled.

Highlights from this episode:

Oh, Oprah. We are mad at you.

We love Amy Schumer but also, the “bullshit” about Fame-Tinder is, in fact, bullshit. Apparently that doesn’t exist and that’s not how Amy met her boyfriend. Oops!

Here is James Corden’s YouTube channel so you can watch all the Carpool Karaoke episodes, including the Adele one that we talked about.


“Enlightenment is complete tolerance of cognitive dissonance.” – Robert Thurman

Thanks for listenin’, y’all!!

-Paula & Amy

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