Episode 3: Pride, Rape & Bikini Bodies

Paula really did meet Salvador! They are now Facebook friends.

Paula D. Atkinson   pauladatkinson  • Instagram photos and videos

Josh (R), Roger (L) (pronounced “Hose-juh”) and the officiant:


The Rapist Brock Turner Debacle of 2016

  • Emily Doe’s Victim Statement. Do her justice and read this.
  • I will not post Rapist Brock Turner’s father’s statement because it’s disgusting. You can Google it if you want to.
  • Amy’s uncle Charles Chastain’s work can be found here.

The Derbyshire Supply Teacher and her Bikini Body Class

This is what “oversouling” is.

Thanks for listenin’, y’all! We appreciate you stopping by.

-Paula & Amy



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