Episode 11: It’s so soothing!

Amy still can’t get over the fact that there are places that don’t have humidity, and that the sweat you produce just evaporates!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARLO!! Carlo (Paula’s main squeeze turned FORTY! and we both love him so much.)

Go see The Matrix, y’all. It’s about what’s real and what’s not real. Paula is super-behind in movie recommendations but Amy hasn’t even seen it.

Look at Keanu running!

Amy has ASMR. Does anyone else have it? Come out of the closet, tingle-headed friends!

Here’s who triggers Amy:


We’re gonna update the header to reflect that this segment is now called “The White Privilege Moment of the Week”.

The gigantic douchebag of the week is RYAN LOCHTE who exemplifies white privilege. Had these guys been black, it’d have been a whoooole different story.

New York Times ripped him apart and we loved it.


Gold’s Gym in Egypt! Come on. You compared my body to a pear. Not okay.

You can’t compare the shape of one’s body to an inanimate object because then you take the shape of the body and make it more important than what’s it in the body itself.

Paula almost died…this is important:  More people die of an eating disorder than any other mental illness. That is a fact.

Fat phobia doesn’t just hurt fat people. It hurts everyone. In our society, we are told, “you can hate fat people,” and allowing hate is awful and everyone is affected by it! Eating disorders exist because dieting exists because fat-phobia exists. Belieeeeeeeeeve that.

Paula revisits the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp issue. She pretty much feels the same way about it: poopy. But now we are also angry because people still don’t believe her because people don’t believe women. Do you want to watch the video of Johnny being terrible? It’s not glamorous.

Y’all gotta google his nasty ass chopped off finger. It’s gross. To ease your disgust, everyone see Magic Mike 2 because of the scene with Michael Strahan.

Gawker got bought by Univision. Que Bueno! Hulk Hogan sued their ass for publishing a tape of him boning some lady. Amy and her smart friend discussed the ins and outs. It involves a tort. A tort! Who knew? Aaaaaand it’s scary shit because now we are putting the whims of famous people above free press.


Amy loves her book by Emma Cline, The Girls. Paula’s loving Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. Good books!!

Yay! for Livermorons! We love y’all like crazy.

Stay hungry, bitches!

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