Episode 13 & 14: Women power through


A note about Episode 13: It had a weird echo that we can’t get rid of. We’d love for you to listen to it, but if the echo bugs you, we get it. We’re not here to tell you how to live your life.

But we talk about being tough broads: how our friend J has had surgery on her foot 4 times and Amy has helped take care of her lately.

Amy doesn’t love birthdays. It’s not easy to be a single woman, “why are you still single??” everyone asks.

Paula MOVED! She’s in a fantastic gorgeous apartment near Adams Morgan, which is where the cool kids live. Her place has a sun porch, which is where she has been connecting with Mother God.

Y’all. As much as it pains us to admit because we LOVE Lady Gaga but we don’t love her new song “Perfect Illusion”.

Ugh. Corey Feldman performed on the goddamn TODAY SHOW. It made us both really really uncomfortable.  Corey had a difficult life. Both Coreys did, actually. Corey Haim is dead.

In Episode 13, Amy talked about her depression, and it’s worth talking about again in case you didn’t listen because of the goddamn echo. Amy has dysthymia punctuated with major depressive episodes. How’s THAT for a diagnosis?! Depression is a lying bastard and you should never suffer alone. We’re sure this topic will come up again, and Amy wants to make sure that everyone gets the help they need. If you’re hurting and can’t make sense of it, reach out to us.

Brene Brown would say that Amy had a vulnerability hangover. Paula reminds us that Brene says, “The only cure for anxiety is vulnerability.” -Brene Brown.


Turns out that being shamed for being fat is bad for your health. Sorry, your MENTAL health. Experiencing  weight stigma leads to more depression, anxiety and all around self-hate.

The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, suggest that any efforts aimed at easing these emotional burdens should not only focus on weight-loss in adolescents, but also address the disturbingly cruel and exclusionary behaviors of their peer group. These programs should also emphasize weight acceptance and body-shape diversity.

Read this article.

Feeling like shit because your body is large and you walk around being discriminated against is MORE HARMFUL than whatever perceived correlative ailment is caused by “fat”.


Sigh. Donald Trump put an end to the birther controversy. He blamed Hillary for it, and is now extremely self-congratulatory about it.

Read this New York Times article of the history of the horrible lie that Trump perpetuated.

If Amy ever meets the Obamas, she will do this:


Trump also went to an African American church and Reverend Faith Green Timmons was not having Trump’s grandstanding and she shut it down. It was a super-pastory way of saying SHUT UP.


Hillary got sick over the 9/11 weekend and people raked her over the coals and we are NOT having it. At. All.

The argument is that because Hillary is a political figure running for the office of the President, who will be in charge of our military forces, her physical health is our business.

The lack of transparency has lead people to question her. Why is this a feminist issue? WE’LL TELL YOU WHY:

  1. We are taught that women are liars. No one believes that Hillary didn’t feel well and got sick. It’s not deeper than that.
  2. This is what women do — we power through. Women are not allowed to take a sick day.



Watch this video of Jolene featuring Dolly Parton and Pentatonix singing Jolene!

Watch this video of Jesse Ventura defending Colin Kaepernick!

“Governments should not mandate patriotism. Governments earn patriotism.”

We hate this fake patriotism bullshit. Why is our patriotism so shallow?? America will not have hurt feelings over someone not standing up during the anthem.


Lastly, life is too fucking short to live miserably with depression or disordered eating. Please reach out to us. We will answer. You don’t have to live like that.

Take care of yourselves! We love you!


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