Episode 21: The grief in our lungs

Our podcast can drink, y’all!

In this episode (recorded before the holidays), Paula and Amy discuss getting turnt at Amy’s 5th Annual Christmas Party. We also keep our eye on mental health awareness during the holiday season, although Paula’s mental health was very jingly as she spent another amazing weekend in NYC with Josh & Roger.

The Fatphobic Disaster of the Week is Chrissy Metz’s contractual weight loss. We understand completely what Chrissy’s going through.

The Body Positivity Win of the Week is BUZZFEED and their awesome Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Need we remind you how HAWT Tess Holiday is?

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, the FUSBPHHTDWTW happened when a Vicki Seeks in Alabama kicked out all the black ladies because someone robbed the store.

Our recommendations are First Aid Kid and Manchester by the Sea.

Stay Hungry, bitches!

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