Episode 40: Dip It In Protein Powder


This week’s podcast is a doozy. Amy went to a wedding in Boston and Paula went to see drag queens (natch). Amy spend an inordinate amount of time discussing her dip powder manicure and then launches into the very very very weird happens at the compounds of R Kelly. Is he making sex slaves out of young women?

The Fatphobic Disaster of the week goes to Slate Magazine and their job posting for someone with a fast metabolism. The Body Positive Win is the news that the Biggest Loser might cancelled!!!!!

Another Fatphobic Disaster is Amy’s sweet, sweet Bravo whose RHOC’s storyline about Shannon Beador is her size. COME ON. Also, why does Kate Spade advertise clothes for fat women when they don’t actually sell clothes for fat women?Another BoPo win is our sweet Eureka O’Hara.

Paula unrecommends a show — Friends from College — and then highly recommends GLOW!!! Amy is reading a book called Every Last Lie, which is promising.

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