Episode 44: A Mylar Balloon with Garfield on It

What an episode! Amy shares her experience visiting Charlottesville after Heather Heyer’s murder by Neo-Nazis. Weird is how she describes it.

Paula introduces a new segment called Dumb Shit White People Did This Week, for a little levity. And yes, we’re still unpacking our feelings about Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” in the Feminist Forum.

The Fucked Up Shit is L’oreal firing a black transgender model for telling the truth! The Fat-Phobic Disaster goes to the dumb ol’ principal in Charleston who fat-shamed her students.

The Fat-Phobic disaster is a new bariatric surgery involving balloons. The Makeup Minute features Amy’s brow challenge and Paula’s magnetic lashes! Lastly, the recommendations are The Sinner and Logan Lucky.

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