Episode 51: Put Your Hand in the Basket

Happy New Year, y’all! We recorded this before a little holiday break, but guess what? None of this shit has been resolved.

Paula rakes a Canadian judge over the coals for implying that a “fat” woman should be happy to have been licked in the face and sexually assaulted by an Uber driver. Please watch the video of Beck Cooper reciting her poem “Rape Prevention Potluck.”

The Feminist Forum this week revisits all the men who were outed as terrible garbage people and sexual harassers. Amy recounts the time that she got in a twitter war with Matt Lauer. In case you forgot all the disgusting things Matt did, we went over it again. Amanda Duarte is amazing and says “Fire them all.” Please read Amber Tamblyn’s OpEd in the NYT “I’m Not Ready for the Redemption of Men.”

Paula recommends Americana. Amy recommends “Time: The Kalief Browder Story”. Paula says to download and use Appolition, which rounds up your purchases and goes to help people (of color) make bail. Paula also recommends Lady Bird. Amy recommends the episode of Death, Sex & Money podcast to hear Gabrielle Union speak the truth of life. Amy’s friend Matt recommends the entire Taylor Swift album, but Amy & Paula would like to be excluded from this narrative.

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