Episode 54: Go Paint Something with Your Feet

SOMEONE GOT A NEW INTRO, Y’ALL. Any guesses who that voice belongs to?

Sarah Silverman is a bad-ass. She’s capable of being compassionate and disarming and FUNNY. Paula explains how.  It takes such strong ovaries to love the cunt-callers. (Shout out to our friend Paige.)

Justin Timberlake is back and we have mixed feelings. Amy was not prepared for the anti-JT feelings that Paula is feeling very deeply.

Amy wonders if Caroline Manzo is the prophet we didn’t know we had and what would happen if pot were legal. Amy is very uncomfortable that pot is now super trendy for white people. It’s both good and bad. Pot is now a wellness movement. Gag.

This week’s Makeup Minute highlights some E.L.F. products that Amy bought. First up is this chubby thick eye primer. She also got a tapered eyeliner brush for eyeshadow and a great eye shadow palate. Don’t forget to put a little brightening concealer on the sides of each nostril and in the corners of the mouth. Paula recommends Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Radience.

The fat-phobic disaster of the week is some douche on Bumble. But we love the dating app because they stick up for women. See you never, fat-shamer!

The body politics win is learning that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do! Read this awesome blog post by Melissa Toler, and then this bad-ass quote by our friend Virgie.

Diet culture does one thing very successfully: it alienates us from our natural relationship to food and movement, things that we as human beings have had a relationship to since the beginning of time, and which we cannot live without, and it sells them back to us as “diet” and “exercise” with the promise that with hard work and self-denial we can achieve a state worthy of love, respect and admiration.

Virgie Tovar

The recommendations are the docu-series The Staircase and the movie Call Me By Your Name.


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