Episode 58: Are you going to shoot a raccoon, Derrick?

This week, we have very special guests — Amy’s parents!! And that’s Amy’s mom doing the intro!! Isn’t she adorable and Southern?

Amy gives a boob update! And then also recounts her stage debut in the Vagina Monologues. The hungry ladies also discuss the Florida shooting, and how some teachers are trying to help.

Are we failing our young men?

Something good that happened in Florida comes from Drake and his new video for his single God’s Plan. How great is Drake? SO GREAT.

The fat-phobic disaster of the week is Amy Schumer’s upcoming movie, “I Feel Pretty”. The body politics win is Louise Green.

The gals recommend Brandi Carlile’s new album “By the way, I forgive you” and the new Queer Eye on Netflix.

Stay hungry!

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