We’re really mad at Tristan Thompson for cheating on Khloe. But like, yay that they had a baby. Also, Mariah Carey is bi-polar and we’re so grateful that she is talking about it publicly. We saw the Pink concert and she’s amazing because of acrobatics and also singing.

The fat-phobic disaster of the week is Drew Barrymore for describing (and promoting?) eating disorders. Paula also explains why claiming to be fat but not actually BEING fat is something you should never do because it’s thin-privilege.

The Fucked Up Shit is the two men in Philly who were arrested for being black in a Starbucks. The Mayor tried to do right, but missed the point.

We recommend Paula Hawkins’s “Into The Water”, Cardi B’s new album, The “No Spectators” exhibit, and Southern Charm New Orleans.