Episode 67: Are You Going to Read a Meme?

Yeah, it’s been a while, but Yanni or Laurel? We’re still talking about it.

Amy has a story about a beauty product that makes her feel more vulnerable than when she talks about her depression! Paula apologizes for mixing up mixing up BeBe Rexa and Ariana Grande. A bunch of them are in a song called “Girls” that is OH-fensive because of the male gaze. In other news, Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!!!

EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR SPF ONE THOUSAND EVERY DAY. Amy has sebaceous glands that are aggressive.

Before we get into the Fucked Up Shit we discuss the hilarious BBQ Becky Internet memes about calling the police on black people. **Side note, calling the police on black people is an act of violence.

The FUS is that we all need to stop asking what happened “before” an incident of police violence is caught on tape. Amy explains what happens when police are called. (Also, she apologizes in advance for calling a woman’s breasts “titties”. Not appropriate. )

The Fat-Phobic Disaster is Kim K’s FUCKING lollipop. The body positivity win is Universal Standard. YAY.

Our recommendations are: Hilarious Humanitarian podcast and DietLand!

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