Episode 80: Bi ‘Til You Die

Can y’all even believe we interviewed Erin Gibson last week? Craaaazy!

Also what’s crazy is that Paula facetimed with RuPaul on Emmy night. She couln’t stop sweating.

Bi-Visibility Day let us touch on some misconceptions about being bisexual.

Gayle King talked about eating a cheeseburger and we are over celebrities taking us along on their body idealism obsession.

The Feminist Forum features no jail time for some jackass Alaskan Predator and #whyididntreport.

The Fatphobic Disaster highlights Poppi Kramer. RIP. The Body POlitics Win (mostly) is the HuffPost article, “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong.”

Recommendations are: Forever, and Crazy RIch Asians.


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