Episode 7: Pray for nice

Two things off the bat: technology is awful and Amy’s back hurts!

Paula had a busy weekend! She went to Crumbs & Whiskers to have a latte, then went to see Kinky Boots featuring Jim J Bullock, the original non-threatening, asexual neighbor. We’re going to talk about this more on Episode 9. 

jim j bullock OG

Bad shit happening in the world. Pray for Nice.


Death and pain is everywhere.

There was a shooting in SE DC in Anacostia neighborhood where Amy volunteers for Higher Achievement which is the most awesome, amazing organization. Everyone go there and donate or sign up to volunteer. It’s important.

What You Do Matters. Shine your light as bright as you can.

Dani Mathers took a picture of a woman at the gym. Dani did a dumb thing.

dani mathers

(image via Dani Mathers snapchat)


We have an inside laugh over “The Rural Juror” which was the fictional movie that Jenna Maroney starred in on 30 Rock. Please to enjoy.

Paula discusses the BeachBody craze. Y’all, look at all the trademark insignia on the home fitness programs!! They’re all trademarked. SO! Many! Ways! To Get! Skinny!


screenshot from http://www.beachbody.com

It’s a scam, y’all! Move your body and eat real food and stop caring about the size of your body.

Here’s the awesome article Jennifer Anniston wrote for the Huffington Post: For The Record.

Amy has a hard time with dating in the digital age. Mela posted this awesome article written by Heather Havrilesky’s “Ask Polly” series, which rocked her world. It discusses the stereotype of the “sexy badass.”

Getting vulnerable sucks. In the dating age and all the other places. Amy is more than happy to use this podcast to troll for men, so all age appropriate men in the DC area who love lesbian folk, 90s hip hop who want to fall in love with her, call her up. Amy appreciates you for letting her get vulnerable in the safe space trust tree.

The Dumb Shit We’re Talking About This Week: celebrities endorsing Trump, Jen Anniston, Katy Perry, Calvin & Taylor Swift.

Paula recommends seeing The Lobster, which is “so weird and so bizarre”.


Stay hungry, bitches!


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