Episode 8: It’s not about you!


Go see Ghostbusters, y’all! Four women headline a movie and they are not sex objects or housewives or secretaries.

Leslie Jones quit Twitter! In general, our culture doesn’t like it when a woman isn’t seen as fuckable. The men don’t even get boners!!  Twitter banned a douche and made us all happy.

Here’s Melissa McCarthy’s adorable yellow dress from The Ghostbusters premier.

melissa mccarthy

Amy introduces an unfortunate new segment entitled:

Black People Shot by Police This Week

Behavior therapist Charles Kinsey, an African-American man, was shot by police on July 18 as he was trying to counsel his autistic patient who was in the street with a toy truck. Police say this was an accident.

Repeating the names so we don’t forget: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Charles Kinsey.

The Republican National Convention was awful. We didn’t watch.

Our sincere apologies to Amy’s mom….we talk about the C-word. And it’s because of Scott Baio and his gross tweet.

scott baio

Paula tackles Hillary Hate. Maybe it’s not all about latent or blatant misogyny. Or maybe it is…. Paula references this article written by Karoli.

Incidentally, Karoli used the pseudonym Anna Whitlock, and in preparing this, we learned that Anna Whitlock was “a Swedish reform pedagogue whose Wikipedia article’s picture makes her the doppelganger for Kathy Bates.

Paula makes this passionate point:  “If you have any soul in your cold black heart, you need to just fucking vote for Hillary….If you care about people of color, if you care about women, if you care about gays, if you care about anybody who’s not a white upper-class person, you will just get off your ass on November 6 and you will go and vote for Hillary because it’s NOT FUCKING ABOUT YOU. It’s about the country and it’s about everybody.”

vote for hillary meme


We teach that women lie…why else would 50 women come out against Bill Cosby and we still don’t believe that he’s a rapist. Allegedly.

2016 can suck a dick!!! Here are a bunch of tweets that perfectly sum up how 2016 has been so far. 

bowie tweetWhat You Do Matters!!

There is immense power in how we act. What you do to make yourself a better contributor to our shared humanity…and how you show yourself compassion–that matters.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, “Stand up and show your soul.


Our celebrity bullshit this week made us like Kim & Kanye. Tay Tay Kimye Dramz is all about it.

Here’s a link to Kim’s infamous snapchat where you can hear Taylor giving permission to Kanye.

We tease ASMR — the tingly head relaxation some people (like Amy!) get sometimes. We’ll talk about this more on Episode 10.

Here’s the dumb ol’ MILF by Fergie video.

Correction: Devon Aoki is not who we were thinking of…We were thinking of Jenny Shimizu

Please leave us iTunes reviews!!

The original post implied Bill Clinton had allegedly raped over 50 women. We meant Bill Cosby. The post has been updated.

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