Episode 9 – Perfect Divine Little Chunk of God

Welcome to Episode 9! This is a weird one, y’all. (Weird in a great way, that is.) We spend a lot of time talking about our hair.  Look!

We saw the amazing improv troupe from Upright Citizen’s Brigade. If they tour near your town, you gotta go.  YOU GOTTA.

Amy recaps an insane episode of Too Close for Comfort that she stumbled upon after looking for a picture of Jim J. Bullock. “So much of this is so offensive,” says Paula. We can’t even. Read this article and watch the clips.


Happy to report that no shootings made the national news. That doesn’t mean that police didn’t unfairly target African Americans or that there was no police brutality unfairly distributed to people of color, but none made the national news.

Let us not forget those who were shot since the inception of this podcast: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Charles Kinsey.


From the UK comes this week’s Fatphobic Disaster. Is the UK behind the USA in fatphobia? Who knows. But for sure this week, the dipshits from Pure Gym in Manchester, England (across the Atlantic Sea) were horrible.

They dressed up like giant stupid blueberries to promote the gym and everyone hated it. Why should this make me want to go to the gym? Gyms are for moving your body to feel good and relieve stress! If you promote gyms to promote the decrease of body size, you’re reinforcing the fucked up stereotype that size is all that matters and that small bodies are better than big bodies. And THAT is a disaster.

Paula does NOT feel bad about ranting last week about the Republican National Convention, mostly because the DNC put a lot of hope in her heart.

Paula and I are trying to figure out how to love someone who will likely vote for Trump.  It’s real hard.

We wonder, is the most loving thing to do to separate ourselves from the Trump hate and vitriol so we can stay sane, or is the strong choice to say “even if you vote for Trump, I still see you as a perfect divine little chunk of God.”

Michelle Obama is a ninja. She took all the gross energy of Trump and transforms it into glitter and rainbows.  She was looking right into our souls and it was healing.

One of the best things to come out of the DNC was the collection of photos of Bill Clinton losing his mind during the balloon drop.

Have Donald Trump and his scary band of Republicans abandoned all their most sacred American values? Or are their scared American values not as valuable because they belong to someone brown and Muslim?

However, HANDS DOWN, the best thing that came out of the DNC was this article written by R. Eric Thomas. “Let Us Now Praise the Immaculate Shade of Joyce Beatty.”  I see you, Otto. People in white were having a moment at the DNC.

Lastly, we ponder, is Megan Trainer dumb? She says she’s probably not going to vote, and that’s definitely dumb.

Stay hungry, bitches!!

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