Episode 38: Just Move to Iowa, Rob!

This week, Amy & Paula discuss the names of Beyonce & Shawn’s children, possibly Rumi & Sir. We’re not convinced. Obviously we have to discuss in depth the season finale of RuPaul’s Season 9. Go Sasha Velour! The fatphobic disaster of the week is Ashley Graham because she put her gorgeous foot in her gorgeous mouth. Paula opens up about going to a body building competition and how it was triggering for her. The body positive win of the week is Natalie Hage, aka NatalieMeansNice who took down the dickhead Eric who was body-shaming her on a plane. Our feminism moment is defense of Katy Perry who we were a little harsh to last episode. Sorry, Katy. We don’t mean to be Mean Girls. Our recommendations this week are the postcast Bite, the documentary Private Violence, the movie Wonder Woman, and new music by SuperFruit! Stay hungry, y’all!

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