Episode 70: Dust Makes You Gay!!

This episode is very meaty. The Hungry Gals open by discussing Kim Kardashian’s new career as criminal justice reform advocate. They also touch on Brendan Fraser’s #metoo moment.

The Feminist Forum update is that Judge Aaron Persky is gone, baby, gone.

The Makeup Minute is Supergoop setting powder to keep your makeup from sliding down your face.

The Fatphobic Disaster is an insane article alleging that a dirty house can make you fat. The Body Poltics Win is the show Dietland.

The FUSBPHHTDWTW is that white people are still calling 911 on black people. Sigh.

Note: Hiya, Amy here. I would like to make a public apology/acknowledgement for making an assumption about Nigerian folks. I assumed that someone from Nigeria is “super duper black”. This is problematic for a few reasons…First of all, I meant to say that I assumed his skin was super duper dark. The phrase “super duper black” taken out of context is horrifying. Secondly, Nnamaeka, friend and producer, graciously checked me on this assumption.  He says, “It’s a common mistake, but not all people from Africa are dark. Nigeria, like many other nations in Africa, has the highest genetic diversity in the world. You can find people as light as Alicia Keys (my mom’s side of the family) to dark as Lupita Nyongo (my dad’s side of the family”.) I’m sorry for my mistake but very glad I have the opportunity to apologize for it.

RIP Kate Spade. Let’s learn how to talk about suicide, okay?

Recommendations are Netflix’s Ibiza and Evil Genius and the book The Girl Who Smiled Beads.

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