Episode 71: Gymnastics in a Hot Room

Hiya, hungry kids. This week we mourn the loss of Anthony Bourdain and Amy shares about her friend Amy from amalah.com who tried to end her life. It was a gut punch.

Paula met Roxanne Gay and she’s rad. Amy listened to Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talks.

The Makeup Minute is Mary Kay’s eye gel and eyeshadow primer and “pink stuff”, and also Hairstory.

The FUS is the immigration crisis and the children being separated from their parents.

The Fat-phobic Disaster, isn’t reallllly a disaster, but more of a question: Is body positivity a scam? What about body neutrality?

The Body Politics Win is Nicola Coughlin.

Recommendations: Podcasts “30 For 30: Bikram”, “She Says”, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking”, and “Getting Curious”. Also, cry your way through “Queer Eye, Season 2”.

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