Episode 73: Not Gonna Waste a Good Relapse

Episode 73 has a deep flavor profile. First off, Paula had quite the experience getting back to DC from NYC on the Bolt Bus. Demi Lovato relapsed and we love her even more, if that’s even possible. Katherine McPhee and David Foster are engaged and the ladies have feelings.

The Make Up Minute recommendations are Lush bar shampoo and NYX eyeshadow primer.

The FUS is Newport Nancy. The Feminist Forum is the garbage fire of Feminist Apparel.

The Fatphobic Disaster is Sam Smith. (UGH.) Paula revisits Jess Baker’s concept of body currency. The Body Politics win goes to Khloe K who says not stupid things about her body! Yay Koko.

Recommendations are Samantha Irby of Bitches Gotta Eat and Dax Shepherd’s podcast.

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