Episode 72: Just Paraphrasing, “Hey Dipshits!”


HELLO Hungry Babies! We’re so happy you’re here. This episode, the Hungry Women take on a lot. First of all, the country is a literal garbage fire because Justice Kennedy is retiring. And also Joe Jackson died. He also has a grandson named Jermajesty. Heather Locklear needs help, y’all. Maybe she should move to Iowa with Rob K.

The Fat-phobic Disaster of the Week is insurance companies weighing patients for profit! Gross. The Body Politics Win is Self Magazine who not only put Tess Holiday on the cover of their internet issue.

In this week’s FUS, we feature the amazing story of Philando Castille’s mom donating all the art that was sent to her after her son’s death.

We also learn about the death of Antwon Rose and how he was shot in the back three times. The police officer — the first day on the job — was charged with criminal homicide.

In the podcast “Reveal”, we learned that there is a “treatment center” for criminal babies where they’re given psychotropic drugs to deal with the psychological trauma of being removed from their parents.

Please watch “Pose” on FX and the podcast “Reveal.”

Stay Hungry!!!!


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