Episode 26: NO ONE KNOWS!


Photo: @beyonce

This. Is. Happening! TWO BEBES FOR BEYONCE!!!


Paula keeps protesting!  We know we’re on the right side of history because we’re with the smart funny people.


Photo: @brightestyoungthings


Paula breaks the shocking news that telling kids that they are obese fills them with shame and then they gain weight, because DIETING CAUSES OBESITY AND EATING DISORDERS. Here, read this goddamn research report.

Paula goes on the most perfect rant about the psychology of fatness and thinness and PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS! This is a better rant than in Episode 8: It’s Not About You.

This bears repeating.

Paula goes on the most perfect rant about the psychology of fatness and thinness and PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!

Parents: Don’t make your child hate his body. Trust us, they’ll find a reason to hate themselves on their own.



Pound Not My President Donald Trump gave bullshit remarks at a breakfast for Black History Month. He sounds like a child whose English is his second language.

Here’s an excerpt:


For the record, not all African Americans live in the inner city, the inner city is not a terrible place, African American communities are, in fact, amazing places filled with great people and not a cause for Trump’s fake-ass concern, and Trump is real dumb and racist.

Mike Pence is also real dumb and racist. They should suck all the colors of the dicks.


How Taylor Swift Played the Victim and Made Her Entire Career by Ellie Woodward

It all began with Kanye running up on stage and saying, “Imma let you finish,” which was a crazy person move, but played into America’s fear of the Angry Black Man.

We’re on to you, Tay-Tay. The poor little white girl thing is real tired.


Teachers! Throwing Shade!

Watch Insecure with Issa Rae!


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