Episode 67: Are You Going to Read a Meme?

Yeah, it’s been a while, but Yanni or Laurel? We’re still talking about it.

Amy has a story about a beauty product that makes her feel more vulnerable than when she talks about her depression! Paula apologizes for mixing up mixing up BeBe Rexa and Ariana Grande. A bunch of them are in a song called “Girls” that is OH-fensive because of the male gaze. In other news, Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!!!

EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR SPF ONE THOUSAND EVERY DAY. Amy has sebaceous glands that are aggressive.

Before we get into the Fucked Up Shit we discuss the hilarious BBQ Becky Internet memes about calling the police on black people. **Side note, calling the police on black people is an act of violence.

The FUS is that we all need to stop asking what happened “before” an incident of police violence is caught on tape. Amy explains what happens when police are called. (Also, she apologizes in advance for calling a woman’s breasts “titties”. Not appropriate. )

The Fat-Phobic Disaster is Kim K’s FUCKING lollipop. The body positivity win is Universal Standard. YAY.

Our recommendations are: Hilarious Humanitarian podcast and DietLand!

Episode 66: Why Do You Hate Fun, White Lady?

Oh heeeeeeyyyy. This week on the podcast, Amy talks about #metoo at the Cannes Film Festival and Paula breaks down some outstanding dumb celebrity names.

The Makeup Minute is ELF Droplet Balm and Samantha Ess Cleansing Conditioner. The Fat-phobic disaster is Dr. Fucking Oz.

Paula gives some AMAAAAAAZing advice on how to train your brain to love people of all sizes in the hot ass weather of summer.

The Fucked Up Shit is white people who call the cops on black people. Why are we doing this???

Our recommendations are Nice For What by Drake, Twice by Christina Aguilera, and the amazing hand lettering of Samantha Testa of Painted Palattes.

Episode 65: A Starvation Induced Dream State

Kanye, sweetheart, wow. Just WOW.

Thank Mother God that Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) is here to remind us what a musical genius is.

The Met Gala happened and the ladies had to recap it.

The Makeup Minute is a Benefit kit “I pink I love you” that Paula got that is mostly PINK and adorable. Amy needs your help — how are we keeping our makeup on, y’all?

Amy gets real vulnerable during the Mental Health Minute — because May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

The Fatphobic Disaster is LulaRoe, and the Body Politics win is Fattitude the movie.

The recommendations this week are DUMPLIN’ and Wild Wild Country.

Episode 64: Stand in Line with The Peasants


OH HI THERE. We had some difficulty with our mics so we had to rerecord this one. So sorry for the delay.

We’re really mad at Tristan Thompson for cheating on Khloe. But like, yay that they had a baby. Also, Mariah Carey is bi-polar and we’re so grateful that she is talking about it publicly. We saw the Pink concert and she’s amazing because of acrobatics and also singing.

The fat-phobic disaster of the week is Drew Barrymore for describing (and promoting?) eating disorders. Paula also explains why claiming to be fat but not actually BEING fat is something you should never do because it’s thin-privilege.

The Fucked Up Shit is the two men in Philly who were arrested for being black in a Starbucks. The Mayor tried to do right, but missed the point.

We recommend Paula Hawkins’s “Into The Water”, Cardi B’s new album, The “No Spectators” exhibit, and Southern Charm New Orleans.

Episodes 62 & 63: Strap on the Feedbag, Fatty!

Listen up, Hungry Kids. Paula & Amy mourn the loss of love because of the divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, which inspires them to discuss which couples (if they break up) would send them into a heartbreak tailspin.

Paula refines her opinions and recommendations on sulfate free shampoos and soaps.

The FUS this week is the murder of Stephon Clark. It’s real fucked up, hence why it’s featured in FUS.

The Phat-Phobic, I mean, Fat-Phobic Disaster this week is MEDICALLY INDUCED BULEMIA and we’re not even remotely kidding. Brought to you by the asshats at AspireAssist. Eyeroll.

The Body Politics Win is The Succulent Six!

Amy explains how to find your perfect nude lipstick. Hint: Look at your titties.

The gals recommend: the reboot of One Day at a Time, Aladdin bottles, Great British Bake Off, and Todrick’s new album Forbidden!


Episode 62: Two Four Six Oh One

Trixie Mattel won RPDRAS Season 3. It was a big deal.

Katy Perry kissed a boy and we didn’t like it. We also don’t like giant lips on white women.

The Fat-Phobic disaster is ANTM’s plus size women and men. The Body Politics win is plus size makeup.

The Fucked Up Shit is that prison is not normal. (Duh.)

Featured in the Makeup Minute are eye zone masks, Mama RiRi (Robin Fenty Beauty).

Episode 61: I Doubt Bob Even Had a Taser

It’s super awkward to hear Amy’s full-of-hope voice speak of UVA men’s basketball when they lost in the first round of the tourney only a week or so later. Ouch.

This week, the Hungry Girls review the L’Oreal loot and they are living for it. Then Paula discusses the Oscars and how everyone ignored Ryan Seacrest, except for Taraji P Henson who read him like a book. Amy explains why Jessica Chastain is just perfect.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

-Victor Frankl

During the Fucked Up Shit, we try to answer the question, “How much is a black life worth?” It comes because Tulsa County pays $6 million to the family of Eric Harris who was shot and killed by a FAKE police officer because white people are terrible.

Paula explains why weight loss is not an accomplishment. She talks about Paul Campos’s book “The Obesity Myth” and “Secrets from the Eating Lab” by Traci Mann. Both Hungry Girls are super jazzed about Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James being at Eloquii. r

Amy shouts out Kevin Love for openly discussing his anxiety disorder in the Mental Health Minute.

Recommendations are Deeper Shade of Shade and Jennifer Harriman’s cover of Mumford & Sons’ “I Will Wait.” (She sounds a little like Beyonce in some parts, no?)

Stay hungry, kids. We sure do love you.

Episode 60: Peppa’s a Stone Cold Bitch

Welcome to Episode 60!

Listener Viv from L’Oreal sent us so much fucking loot and we got our lives, honey! We highlighted everything.

The Fatphobic Disaster is the rampant fatphobia in kids shows like Peppa Pig and Arthur.

Body Politics win is Ragen Chastain who teaches us that perceiving beauty is a skill.

Amy talks about guns! She’s going to get to the bottom of why it’s so hard to pass any gun control measures in the US. She’s reading Adam Winkler’s book “Gun Fight” so you don’t have to.

Also, toxic masculinity is hurting our boys. Amy explains why.

This week’s recommendations are to stop using soap and how to follow hashtags on Instagram.

Episode 59: Everyone can have murder machines!

Paula and Amy are really impressed with all the MS Douglass Students. LET THE CHILDREN LEAD, we say.

Amy touches on how our feminist society is failing our boys. Or is it? She also gives an update on The Boob Issue, which is that everything is benign!

Celebrity baby names are super dumb. Sorry, Adam Levine.

The Fucked Up Shit is that the NRA is racist. UM. NOT at all surprised.

Fatphobic Disaster is the fact that calories are stupid bullshit and don’t make any difference to anything at any time ever. The body politics win is Norway’s refusal to disclose the weight of their athletes.

We recommend Third Love Bras, 2 Dope Queens’ special, and Jonelle Monae’s new music.

Episode 58: Are you going to shoot a raccoon, Derrick?

This week, we have very special guests — Amy’s parents!! And that’s Amy’s mom doing the intro!! Isn’t she adorable and Southern?

Amy gives a boob update! And then also recounts her stage debut in the Vagina Monologues. The hungry ladies also discuss the Florida shooting, and how some teachers are trying to help.

Are we failing our young men?

Something good that happened in Florida comes from Drake and his new video for his single God’s Plan. How great is Drake? SO GREAT.

The fat-phobic disaster of the week is Amy Schumer’s upcoming movie, “I Feel Pretty”. The body politics win is Louise Green.

The gals recommend Brandi Carlile’s new album “By the way, I forgive you” and the new Queer Eye on Netflix.

Stay hungry!