Episode 77: The Guy Who Runs the Congress!

Paula went to the Grand Tetons as did Ivanka, Jared and not Paul Manafort.Michael Jackson would have been 60 which is crazy and old and he died 8 or 9 years ago. Also dead is Aretha, which was the soundtrack of Amy’s childhood.

The FUS this week is the trainwreck Betty Shelby.

The fatphobic disaster is some dumb shit diet company Slimming World that tells us to ditch our fat friends. The Body Politics WIN is Old Navy who is finally putting big clothes in certain stores.

The WASH ladies recommend the HBO show Sharp Objects and Virgie Tovar’s book, “You Have the Right To Remain Fat”.

Episode 76: Doing the Speed Bag on Her Hi Helens

This one’s super buttery.

Big Sean got mad at the EA Madden people b/c they edited Colin K’s name out of his song. Paula saw Beyonce & Jay Z and lost her goddamn mind. The Kardashians joke about anorexia and Paula lost her goddamn mind.

The fatphobic disaster this week is fat pets (LOLZ). The body politics win is that Lindy West’s Shrill is coming to television!

The FUS focuses on prison abolition — what does it mean, would it work, should we join the movement?

ou should check out Jameela Jamil’s “I Weigh” movement and the HBO doc about Robin Williams called “Come Inside My Mind”.

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Episode 75: Has Fatsuit Technology Not Improved?

This episode will have juices dripping down your chin. Sweet, sweet Demi overdosed and is taking self of herself in treatment. She’s a role model and we love her. Paula has thoughts and feelings about society’s reaction to JLo turning 49. Sasha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime show “This is America” is very disturbing but kinda funny.

The FUS this week is the documentary “The House I Live In”.

The Fatphobic Disaster is the Neflix Show, “Insatiable”. The Body Politics win is a list of 51 ways to make the world less hostile to fat bodies.

Recommendations this week: The movie “Eighth Grade” and Amanda Seales’s Podcast “Small Doses”.

Episode 74: Mark Zuckerberg is a Biological Woman

This week is fermented, but in a good way, like kombucha or beer. Paula went to her annual Fire Island vacay but did not freak out and go to a drag show by herself. Amy is moving to Paula’s neighborhood and it’s going to be super fun especially on snow days because of day drinking. Kyle Jenner is not a self-made millionaire. Amy apologizes for a few miscommunications from previous episodes. The Fatphobic Disaster is men’s fashion week, because that’s apparently a thing. The Fucked Up Shit this week is the death of Snoop Augustus. The girls’ recommendations are Nanette by Hannah Gadsby, Stroke of Genius eyeliner by Sugar, and Love Simon. STAY HUNGRY, LADIES & GENTS.


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Episode 73: Not Gonna Waste a Good Relapse

Episode 73 has a deep flavor profile. First off, Paula had quite the experience getting back to DC from NYC on the Bolt Bus. Demi Lovato relapsed and we love her even more, if that’s even possible. Katherine McPhee and David Foster are engaged and the ladies have feelings.

The Make Up Minute recommendations are Lush bar shampoo and NYX eyeshadow primer.

The FUS is Newport Nancy. The Feminist Forum is the garbage fire of Feminist Apparel.

The Fatphobic Disaster is Sam Smith. (UGH.) Paula revisits Jess Baker’s concept of body currency. The Body Politics win goes to Khloe K who says not stupid things about her body! Yay Koko.

Recommendations are Samantha Irby of Bitches Gotta Eat and Dax Shepherd’s podcast.

Episode 72: Just Paraphrasing, “Hey Dipshits!”


HELLO Hungry Babies! We’re so happy you’re here. This episode, the Hungry Women take on a lot. First of all, the country is a literal garbage fire because Justice Kennedy is retiring. And also Joe Jackson died. He also has a grandson named Jermajesty. Heather Locklear needs help, y’all. Maybe she should move to Iowa with Rob K.

The Fat-phobic Disaster of the Week is insurance companies weighing patients for profit! Gross. The Body Politics Win is Self Magazine who not only put Tess Holiday on the cover of their internet issue.

In this week’s FUS, we feature the amazing story of Philando Castille’s mom donating all the art that was sent to her after her son’s death.

We also learn about the death of Antwon Rose and how he was shot in the back three times. The police officer — the first day on the job — was charged with criminal homicide.

In the podcast “Reveal”, we learned that there is a “treatment center” for criminal babies where they’re given psychotropic drugs to deal with the psychological trauma of being removed from their parents.

Please watch “Pose” on FX and the podcast “Reveal.”

Stay Hungry!!!!


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Episode 71: Gymnastics in a Hot Room

Hiya, hungry kids. This week we mourn the loss of Anthony Bourdain and Amy shares about her friend Amy from amalah.com who tried to end her life. It was a gut punch.

Paula met Roxanne Gay and she’s rad. Amy listened to Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talks.

The Makeup Minute is Mary Kay’s eye gel and eyeshadow primer and “pink stuff”, and also Hairstory.

The FUS is the immigration crisis and the children being separated from their parents.

The Fat-phobic Disaster, isn’t reallllly a disaster, but more of a question: Is body positivity a scam? What about body neutrality?

The Body Politics Win is Nicola Coughlin.

Recommendations: Podcasts “30 For 30: Bikram”, “She Says”, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking”, and “Getting Curious”. Also, cry your way through “Queer Eye, Season 2”.

Episode 70: Dust Makes You Gay!!

This episode is very meaty. The Hungry Gals open by discussing Kim Kardashian’s new career as criminal justice reform advocate. They also touch on Brendan Fraser’s #metoo moment.

The Feminist Forum update is that Judge Aaron Persky is gone, baby, gone.

The Makeup Minute is Supergoop setting powder to keep your makeup from sliding down your face.

The Fatphobic Disaster is an insane article alleging that a dirty house can make you fat. The Body Poltics Win is the show Dietland.

The FUSBPHHTDWTW is that white people are still calling 911 on black people. Sigh.

Note: Hiya, Amy here. I would like to make a public apology/acknowledgement for making an assumption about Nigerian folks. I assumed that someone from Nigeria is “super duper black”. This is problematic for a few reasons…First of all, I meant to say that I assumed his skin was super duper dark. The phrase “super duper black” taken out of context is horrifying. Secondly, Nnamaeka, friend and producer, graciously checked me on this assumption.  He says, “It’s a common mistake, but not all people from Africa are dark. Nigeria, like many other nations in Africa, has the highest genetic diversity in the world. You can find people as light as Alicia Keys (my mom’s side of the family) to dark as Lupita Nyongo (my dad’s side of the family”.) I’m sorry for my mistake but very glad I have the opportunity to apologize for it.

RIP Kate Spade. Let’s learn how to talk about suicide, okay?

Recommendations are Netflix’s Ibiza and Evil Genius and the book The Girl Who Smiled Beads.

Episode 69: Lift Heavy Things for Jesus!

This episode, recorded May 30, is packed full of flavor and fun. With the help of Paula’s mom(who can be heard on the intro!) the Hungry Ladies tackle Roseanne, Pete & Ariana and Arrested Development.

In Fucked-Up Shit, Amy explains that someone called the cops on a black doctor for listening to music in her own home.

In the Feminst Forum, Amy gives a quick update on George Tyndall. In the Mental Health Minute, we learn what NOT to say to a depressed person.

The Fatphobic Disaster this week is a Crossfit gym in Alabama that participated in appearance-based shame.

This weeks recommendations are the novel An American Marriage and Shawn Mendes’s new cd.

Episode 68: Old Saggy Bitch Nurses

This episode, recorded May 19, is packed full of flavor. The WASH ladies saw “I Feel Pretty” and it’s just…UGH. Also, England has a POC Princess and the ceremony has a lot of cool African American shit in it. Well done, Meghan Markle.

The Fat-Phobic disaster comes from England where some ad in the tube says that being fat causes cancer. Oh yeah? PROVE IT. Turns out most studies are being funded by people who have an agenda. The Body Politics Win this week is DOGS!!!

The Feminist Forum features Dr. Tyndall and his culture of rape at USC.

Recommendations! Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves is sooo good. Also check out How To Human podcast. Lastly, go listen to the On Being w/ Krista Tippett episode that was filmed at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Global Forum.